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FLORAL TRAINING - Australia wide

Certificate Courses FLORAL DESIGN SKILLS COURSES  (timetable below)


Learn how to construct floral designs and gifts like a professional. Learn construction techniques, use of tools, how to extend the life of your flowers. Be trained in a florist environment by a florist and certified trainer.  ON SALE TILL 31/12/17

ADULTS -     3 weeks NOW ($225),      6 weeks ($475)      or      10 weeks($792 -               THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER for all courses starting prior to 31/12  usually $88/wk & CORRESPONDENCE COURSE OPTIONAL - ($2950)  

BUDDY DISCOUNT - bring a friend get 10% discount BOOK  NOW   FILLING   FAST!!

You will receive a certificate on completion and take home an arrangement most nights , fully inclusive price.  BURLEIGH LOCATION ( Brisbane & sunshine coast and other area enquiries welcome)  Must be 18 years of age.

One class per week, OR 3 classes on a saturday condenced                                             or more frequency if required.                             .                                                                 3 weeks - Basic Floral Skills for home, workplace or floral gifts

Or 6 weeks - Basic Floral Skills for home, workplace or floral gifts

Or 10weeks-  Fast Track into the industry, update or for JOB SEEKERS

Full payment required prior to event . Payment arrangements available on request and must be in advance 2 weeks. You can purchase an optional kit to practice at home for an intro price of $44 inc gst

Tuesday  21st nov  3.00PM                                            ALL QLD TIMES 

Wecnesday 22nd nov 3.00                      JANUARY CLASSES START THURSDAY

Thursday 23rd nov 3.00                                  4TH    3.00 PM, then Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 

SAturday 25th  nov 10.00 AM                                  EVENINGS AND SATURDAYS.

Monday  27TH nov  3.00                                 

Tuesday 28th nov  3.00

Wecnesday h29th nov  3.00

Thursday 30h  nov  3.00                       TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SPECIAL OFFER

SAturday 2nd  DEC  3.00                          YOU MUST BOOK BEFORE 31/12/17

Monday 4TH  DEC 3.00                                  - 10 % OFF ORIGINAL PRICE

Tuesday 5th  DEC  3.00                                 -  ANOTHER 10% OFF BUDDY DISCOUNT

Wecnesday 6 DEC 3.00                                        IF YOU BRING A FRIEND

Thursday 7 DEC  3.00

SAturday 9th DEC 9.00

Monday  11th DEC 3.00

Tuesday 12TH  3.00

Wecnesday 13th    3.00

Thursday 14th   3.00

SAturday 15th   10.00 

Monday  18th DEC 3.00

Tuesday 19TH  3.00

Wecnesday 20th    3.00

Thursday 21th         3.00

COMING SOON; CORRESPONDENCE COURSE-register your interest now for this course !!  PHONE OR TEXT0434   379218   -   8am - 5.00pm

    DEPOSIT $75    ON LINE AT  WWW.GEORGINATHOMPSONFLOWERS.ID.AU CLICK ON “SHOP OR BROWSE” CLICK ON group “Floral Design, Courses” then click on deposit or full payment. Cancellation fees apply, you can postpone or transfer, no gst required for classes